Bridge Street Footbridge

Scroll down to view time lapse footage of the new bridge sections being installed

The hydraulic modelling undertaken during the initial planning and design of a flood protection scheme for Selkirk indicated that the provision of flood defence embankments and walls along the Ettrick Water would have an influence on river levels during any given flood event. For example, during a 1 in 200 years plus climate change flood event, the river level just upstream of the Bridge Street footbridge would be 0.3m higher with flood embankments and walls than it would be without such defences and as a result additional pressures would be placed on the bridge structure. This meant that if flood walls and embankments were to be built it would be necessary to protect the footbridge against this increased pressure. As such an operation was included in the proposed Selkirk Flood Protection Scheme to improve the ability of the existing footbridge structure to withstand a major flood event. This would be achieved through remedial work to the concrete piers and by effectively anchoring the structure in place. This operation was included in the Approved Scheme.

During the detailed design of the Scheme, it became apparent that for a number of reasons a better option may be to completely replace the bridge:

There were therefore two options being considered:

In October 2013 the Council decided to pursue Option 2, and the Scottish Government confirmed its approval for this alternative approach to be delivered by the Scheme during the Main Works Contract.
Following the award of Scottish Government funding for the construction of the Scheme in March 2014 the Project Team submitted a planning application as it was felt that the replacement of the footbridge was not covered by the Scheme’s deemed planning permission. In July 2014 planning permission was granted for a new footbridge to be constructed.
The new footbridge will:

The project team is working with landscape architects to ensure that the new footbridge is an aesthetically pleasing structure, fully integrated with both the new flood protection infrastructure and the existing environment.

Installation of new bridge sections

The new footbridge was installed in three 28 metre long sections on Thursday 3 and Friday 4 October. The first two sections were installed on the Thursday from the southern bank of the river, with the final section being lifted into place from the north of the river on the Friday morning. In total the operation lasted approximately 8 hours.

Five cameras, 4 on the ground and 1 on the crane, were used to record the installation. The video below condenses the two day operation into less than 3 minutes.

Bridge Street Bridge Installation