Ettrickhaugh Water (Philiphaugh)

Scroll down for information about the new Work Section 1A – A708 Flood Protection Wall

This cell is covered by Works Sections 1 to 7 as shown in the map below. 

The Work Sections are as follows: 

• Work Section 1 – A708 Road Raising
• Work Section 2 – Old Mill Farm Flood Defence Embankment
• Work Section 3 – Mill Lade South Embankment
• Work Section 4 – Mill Lade Central Embankment
• Work Section 5 – Mill Lade North Wall
• Work Section 6 – Ettrickhaugh Road Wall & Footbridge Replacement
• Work Section 7 – Repair of 1979 Flood Prevention Scheme Gabions

Work Section 1A – Flood Protection Wall

The original intention at Work Section 1 was to raise a section of the A708 to allow the embankment at Work Section 2 to be tied into the high ground to the north of the A708. In effect, the embankment would continue across the road, and the carriageway would be ramped up and over the new embankment. This work was included in the original Scheme design which was consulted on during the Scheme Approval Process and the two Public Exhibitions in 2010 and 2011 and this design was subsequently confirmed when the Scheme was approved in accordance with the Flood Risk Management (Scotland) Act 2009 back in 2012.

In early 2015, RJ McLeod - the Main Works Contractor – who are responsible for the method of construction and programming of works, indicated that in order to undertake this work a full road closure would be required for up to 15 weeks. This work had been programmed to be done in Spring 2015.

Following discussions with elected representatives and many members of the community it was clear that such a lengthy closure of this section of road would have had a significant impact on both residents and businesses, particularly in light of the fact that there was no local diversion route suitable for large vehicles. The work was therefore postponed and the Project Team committed to undertaking a full review and to coming back to the community with the outcome of this review.

This review has now been completed and, as reported in our newsletter in July, the Project Board has approved a change to the Scheme in this location with Work Section 1 – A708 Road Raising, being replaced by Work Section 1A – A708 Flood Protection Wall.

The design drawings for this work can be viewed below. The work will now involve the construction of a reinforced concrete flood protection wall running along to the south of the A708 for approximately 280 metres. The wall will be approximately one metre high when viewed from the road side and will be finished with a dressed stone cladding. The wall will locally increase in height to tie into the embankment at Work Section 2.

The proposal is to start this work in January 2016 and it is anticipated that it will take four months to complete. A high-level programme for this work can be viewed below. The key thing is that there is no longer a requirement for a 15 week road closure. However, for the duration of the work one lane (the west-bound lane) will be closed and temporary traffic lights will be in operation to allow all traffic to be safely managed through this section. It is also important to note that a full road closure will be required for approximately 2 to 3 days at some point. This is currently proposed for late January or early February. This is to enable a new pipe to be installed across the entire width of the road. As the road is relatively narrow at this point it would not be possible to safely install this pipe without a full road closure being in place.

It is noted that Work Section 1A is more complex to construct and therefore has a number of significant risks that the Project Team will continue to manage through the construction programme at this location. It is also marginally more expensive to deliver, however it is felt that this reallocation of resources from within the Scheme budget is necessary considering the huge impact that a 15 week full road closure at this location would have.

If you have any comments on the proposals please get in touch with the Project Team via the feedback page by Monday 16th November 2015.

Click on the images below to view the drawings or proposed programme.