Topographic Survey

A topographic survey measures in great detail the position and elevation of land and features and structures which occupy that land. It is vital that we have a good understanding of the land levels such that we can work out which areas, structures and properties are at risk from flooding from our computer model of the river.

Ground Investigation

A ground investigation usually involves carrying out excavation (trial pits) or boreholes to find out the types and depths of soil and rock which are present below the ground surface. We need to know this so we can work out whether the flood risk reduction proposals for walls or embankments can be safely constructed. We can also use special techniques to find out ground conditions without excavating or sinking boreholes - this is called geophysical surveying and uses radar and ultrasound to work out the different soil and rock types

Ecology Surveys

The Ecology Surveys involve visual inspection of the river and its banks and floodplains to work out which plants and animals have made their habitat on or near to those areas where we might construct flood protection measures. This is very important as many of the species which are native to Ettrick and Yarrowdale are protected and we are promoting this Scheme to maintain or enhance the built and natural environment in which it is constructed. All watercourses which flow into the River Tweed are designated as being Special Areas of Conservation (SAC) and St Mary's Loch is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). All this means we need to carry out a full Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and work out ways in which we can mitigate the impacts of construction.

Structural Surveys

The Structural Surveys initially involve a visual inspection of all those structures and bridges which may interact with the flood protection proposals. From this, we can work out whether or not we need to carry out a more detailed investigation into the stability of these structures and whether or not they will be able to be included in the Scheme