Public Exhibition No. 1

The Project Team undertook two days of successful liaison with the general public in Selkirk's Victoria Hall on Wednesday 9th and Thursday 10th June. This was the first of two public exhibitions to be undertaken as part of the scheme design. The exhibition, titled 'A Review of the Options', allowed the Project Team to present the many viable options available to project Selkirk from a 1 in 200 year (plus climate change allowance) flood event.

On the Wednesday evening, Conor Price (SBC Project Manager) and Steven Vint (Halcrow Design Manager) held a joint presentation to an open meeting. The meeting was independently chaired by John Smail of Selkirk and was attended by approximately 60 people. A question and answer session followed the presentation allowing the people of Selkirk a chance to ask specific questions about the Scheme.

At the end of the exhibition an exhausted Conor Price commented that “overall the exhibition was well received. The clear consensus from the people of Selkirk was that a scheme is very much desired. There were a number of challenging arguments put to myself and the rest of the Project Team which we will require to assess in the coming weeks. For example, the means through which we protect the Lindean area; and ensuring our scheme does not impact on the Selkirk Common Riding were two of the issues we will require to consider further.”

A copy of the presentation and the information boards from the exhibition are available to download on the right hand side of this page. All comments are welcome and we would appreciate if you could complete a questionnaire after considering the options.

Analysis of the public's comments

The Project Team have been ongoing with the Option Appraisal Process since the Public Exhibition in June. In particular, they have been analysing comments and issues identified through both the completed questionnaires and the public presentation with questions & answers session.

As part of the systematic approach the Project Team is taking to reviewing the Options for the Scheme each public comment was identified and considered within the ongoing Option Appraisal Process. This process is documented in a report generated by the Project Team.

Report - Formal Review of Feedback

A copy of this report is available for you to download here:

It must be noted at this point that the Option Appraisal Process is an ongoing activity. As such the Project Team's consideration of the public's comments is also an ongoing activity. Within the report, on pages 4 to 7, the final column of the spreadsheet is not yet completed. This is in recognition of the fact that the Project Team has yet to close out consideration of comments.

If you have any comments on the Report or our interpretation of your comments please get in contact with the Project Team. (leave Feedback)



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