Public Exhibition No. 2


As part of the consultation process for the Selkirk FPS, the Project Team undertook a second public exhibition to promote the Scheme and engage with the public and project's stakeholders. The exhibition was held in May 2011 and marked a critical milestone in the development of the Scheme. The exhibition was the final step in the public consultation period prior to the submission of the Scheme under the statutory approval process, which is due in January 2012.

The first public exhibition was held in June 2010. It was designed to present the flood risk experienced by Selkirk and the possible options for reducing that flood risk. To see more information on Public Exhibition No. 1 CLICK HERE

This second public exhibition was an opportunity for the Project Team to present the preliminary (outline) design of the Preferred Flood Protection Scheme for Selkirk. The Preferred Scheme is built up from the components of flood defence that are deemed to offer the best value in terms of construction cost versus the flood protection benefits.

The Exhibition

The project team undertook two days of presenting and discussing the preliminary design of the Scheme to the people of Selkirk at the Philiphaugh Community School on Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th May 2011. The aim of the exhibition was to show the people of Selkirk the proposals for reducing flood risk to properties and businesses in the area, and receive their comments and feedback to take forward in the development of the Scheme.

The exhibition was reported in the Selkirk Weekend Advertiser. CLICK HERE.

Please click on the images below to see some photos of the exhibition:

pe2_image_1 pe2_image_2 pe2_image_3

Overall the Project Team felt the feedback received at the exhibition was overwhelmingly positive with the consensus from the people of Selkirk being that a Flood Protection Scheme will be good for the town. There were some difficult issues raised by a number of people. Steven Vint, Design Manager for Halcrow commented: 'We're delighted that these issues have been raised. At the end of the day we want this Scheme to be suitable for Selkirk and only the people of Selkirk can guide us in delivering a Scheme that's best for their town. The team have considered all comments and issues raised at the exhibition and have taken these on board when developing the design of the Scheme. A number of minor amendments were made to the Preferred Scheme as a result of the comments raised.

The exhibition boards

The exhibition boards that were presented have been uploaded for you to review them in more detail. Please note that these boards were current at the date of the exhibition and the designs have now been further developed and updated.

Reviewing the public's comments

The project team started developing the outline design for the Scheme January 2011 and completed this stage of the project only recently, in October 2011. The public exhibition was an important milestone during this outline design stage of the project, as it gave the project team an insight into the views, ideas and concerns of the people of Selkirk. The issues raised at the public exhibition have now been taken on board and where possible, considered in the design as it progresses towards formal Scheme submission in January 2012.

The project team has endeavoured to involve the people of Selkirk in the development of the Scheme and would like to thank all those who took the time to attend the exhibition to show their support.


Public Exhibition Report

The Project Team have prepared a report on the public exhibition to allow you to review the questions and concerns raised by those who completed the questionnaires. The report also contains details of the responses provided by the Project Team to address the concerns raised.

Public Exhibition No. 2 Report



Public Exhibition Boards

Welcome Board
Historical Flooding
The Catchment Plan
Flood Cells in Selkirk
The SML Flood Storage Option
Defending Philiphaugh - LHS
Defending Philiphaugh - RHS
Defending Rriverside - LHS
Defending Riverside - RHS
Defending Bannerfield
The LPB Restoration - LHS
The LPB Restoration - RHS
Defending the Shaw Burn
Defending Lindean
Natural Flood Management
Delivering NFM on the LPB
Possible Defence Finishes
Final Board - the Programme