The Selkirk Flood Protection Scheme is a major civil and environmental engineering project and, as shown below, is being taken forward over many years in eight stages, with Stage 8 split into three phases (8.1, 8.2 & 8.3).

Before the Selkirk Flood Protection Scheme formally commenced in 2009, Scottish Borders Council spent a number of years developing a programme of flood protection schemes for the region.  This involved a basic analysis of both the flood risk to a given area and the viability (technical, economic, social, environmental etc.) of providing a flood protection scheme to protect against that risk.  This was undertaken for all the major population centres in the Borders. The first scheme taken forward (and since delivered) under this programme was the Galashiels Flood Protection Scheme.  Selkirk was the second scheme to be advanced and by October 2009 Halcrow Group Limited (now known as CH2M) had been appointed to design a flood protection scheme for the town of Selkirk.

There have been a number of key milestone for the Selkirk Flood Protection Scheme over the last seven years, some of which are listed below:


October 2009

Halcrow Group Limited (now known as CH2M) appointed as Design Consultant

June 2010

Public Exhibition No. 1

November 2010

Scottish Borders Council approve the Preferred Flood Protection Scheme

May 2011

Public Exhibition No. 2

June 2012

The Council formally approved the Scheme under the Flood Risk Management  (Scotland) Act 2009

August 2012

The Scheme became ‘operative’ under the 2009 Act

April 2014

Scottish Government confirm 80% funding for the Scheme (20% met by the Council)

June 2014

Construction works formally started by Paul Wheelhouse MSP

December 2014

Main Works Contract awarded to RJ McLeod (Contractors) Ltd.

February 2015

RJ McLeod commence the main construction works

October 2015

The new St. Mary’s Loch Intelligent Water Management System became operational

October 2015

The new Bridge Street footbridge opened

The Main Works Contract (Stage 8.2) is ongoing and is due to continue until the end of 2016. The main works consist of 38 distinct Work Sections – as of October 2015, 23 of these Work Sections have been opened with one, at St. Mary’s Loch, already complete and another 12 expected to be substantially complete by the end of 2015.

It is currently anticipated that final reinstatement works will be undertaken in early 2017 under a Finishing Works Contract (Stage 8.3), with an official Scheme Opening to take place in Spring 2017.

Information about the works currently ongoing is available on our Construction Updates page.

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