Selkirk Flood Protection Scheme

Official Opening

The Scheme was officially opened this morning, Monday 27 February 2017, during a short ceremony at the Bannerfield plaza area. Roseanna Cunningham MSP, Cabinet Secretary for the Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform and Cllr David Parker, leader of Scottish Borders Council formally opened the Scheme and were assisted in burying a time capsule, filled with items from the 5 local primary schools, by children from Philiphaugh Community School, Knowepark Primary School and St Joseph's Primary School.

The ceremony also included performances by P5 and P5/6 pupils from Knowepark Primary School who played their ukuleles and sang specially written songs about the flood protection scheme to the tunes of 'Singing in the Rain' and 'Raindrops keep falling on my head'.


Scheme Documents

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Scheme Infographics

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Community Arts Project

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Thank you for visiting the Selkirk Flood Protection Scheme website. This website has been created to provide information about the Scheme and to give you the opportunity to comment or ask questions through the feedback page.

If you have any questions about any aspect of the Scheme please don’t hesitate to contact us - will always respond. We have also added a Question & Answers section to the website where you can find answers to the questions which are frequently posed to the Project Team. 
We hope you find this website useful and look forward to providing a further update about the finishing works and Community Art Projects in due course.


Photo of the Month - December 2016

With the construction work nearly finished most of the main site compound cabins were removed.

Photo of the Month - November 2016

The final section of flood defence wall was constructed behind Oregon Timber. This completed the SFPS defences.

Photo of the Month - October 2016

Work to reinstate the gardens at Ettrickhaugh Road commenced. These gardens were occupied by the Scheme in 2014 to allow the flood protection wall to be built.

Photo of the Month - September 2016

A gabion basket weir was installed at the mouth of secondary channel just upstream of Lindean bridge. This weir, together with the removal of some 1500 tonnes of gravel will allow water to flow through this channel when the river reaches a certain level - approx. 6 times a year.

Photo of the Month - August 2016

The new Bannerfield plaza area continues to take shape.

Photo of the Month - July 2016

Erosion Protection being installed just downstream of Bridge Street footbridge. This work will protect the bank from further erosion after much of it washed away during the winter 2015 storms.

Photo of the Month - June 2016

Common Riding cavalcade passes through the new Riverside flood gate.

Photo of the Month - May 2016

Culvert units being installed under Dunsdale Haugh in front of Oregon Timber.

Photo of the Month - April 2016

Level Crossing Road extension and the Community Recycling Centre take shape.

Photo of the Month - March 2016

The new Ettrickhaugh Road footbridge is installed.

Photo of the Month - February 2016

Riverside Road flood wall with brick cladding to reflect the heritage of the Riverside mill buildings.


Insurance Statement

Scottish Borders Council have issued an interim position statement regarding the level of flood protection provided by the Selkirk Flood Protection Scheme. Clickhere to read this statement.

Latest news

We have uploaded a series of aerial photos from the last few years which show the scale of the work which has been undertaken since mid-2014 as part of the Selkirk Flood Protection Sheme. Click here to view these photos. More will be uploaded over the next few days.

A public exhibition of the 13 proposals for the Community Art Project will be held at Philiphaugh Community Centre on Monday 27 February from 1pm to 5pm and Tuesday 28 February from 11am to 7pm. This will be an opportunity to view the proposals and provide feedback and comments directly to the artists before they finalise their proposals ahead of the Stage 2 submission deadline in the middle of March. Click here for details of the proposals.

As we approach the Scheme's Official Opening, it seems appropriate to reflect on why the Selkirk Flood Protection Scheme is required. Click here to read about the history of flooding in Selkirk and to view a video of the main road bridge collapsing during the October 1977 flood.

Why wasn't the gravel island at Bridge Street footbridge removed during the SFPS works? Click here to find out.

The Project Team is currently visiting all of the local schools to talk to the children about the Scheme - why it is needed, how it works, why it took almost 10 years to plan, design and build etc. The first of these took place last week with Andrew Dinnett visiting Yarrow Primary School. After the presentation, the children and staff all signed a school t-shirt which will be put into our time capsule in a few days time. Next week, Andrew will be visiting Kirkhope Primary School.

Issue 9 of the Scheme's newsletter is available to view here

The Scheme's 'Infographics' can be viewed here

The Main Site Compound on South Bridge Street has now effectively closed with only a skeleton staff based on site. If you would like to contact the Project Team please use the feedback page or call Scottish Borders Council 0300 100 1800.

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